The Hindu College Debating Society Premchand Memorial International Parliamentary Debate | 2012
Most of Delhi can be accessed via the Delhi Metro which is cheap and convenient. There are separate security lines for men and women with gender appropriate guards and all bags will have to be passed through an x ray machine. The first coach of every train is reserved for women only. There is a fine of Rs 200 for men who stray into that coach. If there are female team members who want to skip the crowds, it’s a good idea for men to enter the train and stand at the edge of the women’s coach while the women stand on the other side. Directions to reach Hindu College :. a)  Via Metro –the nearest metro station to the hotel is MODEL TOWN METRO STATION. If you bargain properly then rickshaws might take 2 people to the metro station for around 40 rupees. That is 20 rupees per person. From there you can buy a token for 8 rupees and travel to Vishwavidyalaya which is just two stations away. The train will be arriving at platform number one and the service is pretty quick. b)  From Vishwavidyalaya Station it’s about a twenty minute walk, a 10 minute cycle rickshaw ride or 5 minute bus ride to Hindu College. Cycle Rickshaws cost Rs 20 for 1-2 persons and Rs 30 for 3. The green DTC buses are Rs 10 per person and run at a high frequency. There is usually at least one always waiting to leave outside the station. Ask the conductor where to get off for Hindu College. Total travel time from your hotel to College is approximately half an hour. c) Via Auto – You could also take an auto rickshaw directly to Hindu College. There will be plenty of them in the market area just two minutes away from hotel. Ask to be charged by the meter. This costs approximately Rs 50-60 one way. If the meters are not working, or they want to charge a flat fare, do not pay more than Rs 60, any more than this and you are being cheated. Sometimes an auto driver will go by the meter and then tell you that his meter was old and therefore not adjusted to the recent fare hike. If so he will take out a chart and use it to calculate the fare, it will still not come to more than Rs 80. Make sure that he is consulting the “day” portion of the fare chart. Night fare is 25% extra. Pay it only if you board an auto after 11pm. Old meters will start with a minimum fare of Rs 10, the newer ones from Rs 19. c) Via Taxi – The Meru Cabs service is a licensed metered taxi operation and is governed by the fares prescribed by the Department of Transport.  You can exercise this option for maximum safety and comfort. The digital meter on board and the printed receipt that they give ensures that you pay strictly in line with the prescribed fare structure and no more. The fare for MERU Cabs in New Delhi is INR 20 per kilometre regardless of day or night. Charges for the 1st kilometre are Rs 20 as well. You can book a cab by dialing 44 22 44 22.Safety - Delhi has a reputation for being unsafe for women. It’s safe to travel in the city during the day but when daylight fades be careful. Do not go out alone, take someone with you as a precaution. Leave your passports, cash and other valuables locked inside your bags in the hotel when you leave. If a member of the DebSoc tells you to avoid certain parts of the city at certain times of the day, heed their advice If we look carefully then travelling by auto seems to be the best option. Three people can directly reach Hindu College for a maximum 60 rupees from the hotel. This accounts to twenty rupees a person for one side. Since the college and the university area are near the hotel itself it wont take much time to travel either. Travel & Safety The Hindu College Debating Society Premchand Memorial International Parliamentary Debate | 2012 Sponsored By